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MD Billing Service's goal is to provide your office with fast cost-effective electronic claims processing and reconciliations. We also provide customized reporting and research on any rejected or unpaid accounts. Our administrative services will help streamline your office and save you time and money.

Faster error correction and resubmission means Faster $$$
No need for diskettes, paper claims or reports Simplicity/Reduce $$$
No need to upgrade your software/hardware Simplicity/Reduce $$$
No need to purchase expensive support package Reduce $$$
Free up your staff for more important tasks Reduce $$$
Reduce Bad Debt writeoff Increase $$$

With EDT (Electronic Data Transfer)

Service is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

prompt notification is sent if claim file is not accepted therefore claim can be resubmitted within the same monthly cycle
no long distance phone charges

Lets Get Started
Information can be faxed, mailed or we can arrange pick up 
Set up will take approximately three to four weeks

Data can be provided on a claim data sheet (report outline available from MD Billing Service) or from a patient information sheet/chart
Data can be received daily, weekly or monthly
We can also provide invoices for any claim that is not a candidate for EDT

Free Cost Estimates Available

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